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Day 25 – Music – Do you listen to music while you rip source? Do you listen to your vid song immediately before vidding, months before vidding, or just while working on it?

I was always interested in the technical aspect of vidding. The whole backlog of stuff you have to do right, a lot of things even before you open Premiere. And then after you close it and can enhance your final encode. I mean I'm still easily distracted and lose hours hunting down information, especially when Xandra let me come near avisynth-filters. It's fascinating. It's also stuff an average watcher won't notice, besides thinking shiny and there is still so much possibilities out there, I could try and yeah, I love this part of vidding. I have preparing my footage down to a science, in the way I want it and which works best for me.

But I don't really like the actual prep work that comes with vidding, when I don't have the tools to further improve it or I have an inspiration I want to start on fucking now. I mean having to rip 5 seasons AtS and 7 BtVS for a vid, can make you question your commitment to your idea - hard. Or 9 seasons and two movies. This is my main reason, why I don't understand people, who clip their source - It's so much work and you have to do it again and again. Besides I absolutely need the whole season/show on my hands so that I can decide on a whim, preferable neatly packed as season-avs. I tend to do prep work when I don't feel very inspired to actually vid, to get it out of the way. So 2009 was a pretty good year for that kind of task and I could still pretend I would do some important chore for vidding, while perfecting my system. Luckily now I'm in the position that I have most of my sources ready to go and thanks to the Multifandom vids plenty I haven't even vidded solo yet or potential shows, just because I could run ripping and indexing on the background while reading fics.

I have done all mentioned options with music. I have songs I would love to vid, but haven't found the right fandom yet. 'Hey Pretty' was on the backburner for years, till SPN came along and made it a perfect fit. I have listened to songs on repeat for (a) week(s) to play around with ideas. 'Walk the walk', 'Feeling Good', 'Haunted' and 'Wood and Nails' - pretty much every song when I came back after a one year hiatus in 2006. Following my last hiatus in 2009/most of 2010 I have changed my way of approaching music in and for vidding. I have searched for hours for songs to vid a specific theme I want to explore, music became more canvas than painting. I think the best way to explain this would be that I'm now working with a more open framework, I don't need twenty support beams to hold up the vid.

I did give up on the idea that only the most perfect song can be vidded for characters/pairings. Because back then I just ended up listening to music for months and throwing away good enough ideas instead of vidding. This need for precision/an unique twist did drag me down, so now I take what seems like a good enough fit. What surprised me by this approach is the way, it feels different to form the narrative. I own the vid more, because the idea was before the song and so the structure is clearer. I do tend to need an hour or two with the song on the background to get used to the mood(swings), rhythm, beats and narrative. It still doesn't thump the feeling when you stumble over a song that transforms into perfection, but I take what I get till then.


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