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001 | Fandom: Angel the Series

Favorite character: Cordelia Chase
Least Favorite character: This is really hard, because even characters I wasn't invested in were relevant to the plot. So I'll go with the cheap Lilah-replacement: Eve
5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Cordelia/Angel, Lilah/Wesley, Angel/Spike, Darla/Angel, Faith/Wesley
Character I find most attractive: Angel- I don't usually go for psychotic and brooding, but I can stare at Angel and forget all his flaws
Character I would marry: Wesley - He would never get boring, is pretty neat, self-reliant and I'm all for his bad boy persona in the bedroom.
Character I would be best friends with: Cordelia - I find her hilarious and once you gained her loyality, she would kick demon asses
a random thought: The choreographed raise and fall of Cordelia and Lilah - Why, show, why couldn't you have two acid-tongued, ass-kicking females?
An unpopular opinion: While watching 'A hole in the world' I was going, 'Please die faster, Fred!' - I was completely unaffected by her death.
my canon OTP: I don't like to restrict myself, there were so many great relationships going on, but I loved Lilah/Wesley and Darla/Angel(us)
Non-canon OTP: Cordelia/Angel and Angel/Wesley
most badass character: Wesley - I loved his transformation into a BAMF, Illyria was also god king of awesomeness and Lilah won me over in the long run.
pairing I am not a fan of: Fred/Wesley
character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Cordelia - SO bad. I have a lot of feelings about the slow and painful assassination of Cordelia Chase.
favorite friendship: Gunn/Wesley, but I also loved Angel/Lorne
character I want to adopt or be adopted by: None - Did you see how Connor turned out?

002 | Pairing: Sam/Dean

when of if I started shipping it.1x05 Bloody Mary, when they had the discussion in the car about the summoning of Bloody Mary. I had goosebumps when Sam said, 'You don't know all about it. I haven't told you everything.' It was like a switch, I could suddenly see, why Wincest was an option.
my thoughts: Oh boys. They have died so many times for each other.
What makes me happy about them: That they are still standing and going strong.
What makes me sad about them: Just look at their lives.
things done in fanfic that annoys me: I can't stand dumbed down Dean, when they cry without reason or too much fluff
things I look for in fanfic: Darkness, blood and epic feelings
My kinks: pre-Standford Wincest in that narrow time frame, that won't squick me. Mind-bonding, Aliens made them do it or Pollen-fic (outside influence), body swap and hurt and comfort fics either for small things or epic healing.
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: I can't picture them ending up with anyone else and not going insane. So maybe Jess/Sam and Jo/Dean, if they could bend the timelines enough.
My happily ever after for them: Watching the sunset at the Grand Canyon.


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