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Artist/Song Title: The Bird and The Bee - Fucking Boyfriend
Subject: Merlin, Gwen PoV, Gwen/Arthur
Summary: 'Are you an amateur or is it you're unkind?' They dream in courtship, but would wake in wedlock. Or why you shouldn't skip the boyfriend part before marrying a girl. It could leave her with the slight impression that she is your beard.
Length: 02:23 | Size: 40 MB | Format: 720x400 - AVI - zip
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Password: gwen

boyfriend from Astarte XX on Vimeo.

I still haven't found my perfect season 5 TXF song, in the meantime I needed to get this out of my system after seeing Merlin 4x09 and the song waiting in my 'To vid or not to vid'-folder. Season 4 has been amazing so far - I don't even feel guilty about watching a family show anymore for blatant slash. Gwen/Arthur isn't my pairing, but I really get their relationship on the show. And with my interpretation of what it is and what it isn't, it becomes quite complex in my head. I think Arthur is in love with this chivalrous idea of love and he has very real issues of his own to work out. Gwen challenges him, because she sees his flaws, but is willing to believe that he can overcome them. Gwen isn't in love with Arthur, but rather with his possibilities and how that would benefit the people of Camelot. What he could become, instead of who he is. That's one reason why her statement, 'All I ever wanted is to be your Queen', made perfect sense to me.

The lack of passion I see people complain about, is what makes this couple fascinating for me on a meta level. We have seen Gwen truly interested in compassionate, humble men like Merlin and Lancelot for starters or even light-heartedly flirting with Gwaine, because he is that kind of charming. So her type of men is certainly not Arthur. She has seen him grow up while serving Morgana and has a pretty intimidate knowledge of his reckless royal prat-side. So how can she put a stop to his romantic advantages without offending him, especially when Arthur doesn't press the physical side? It traps her in a delicate position. The master/servant aspect of their connection was always something Arthur was aware of and certainly Gwen. Plus family show what can you show besides kisses? And troll foreplay. She knows that Arthur is a good man and might be a great king. He will unquestionably be better on his worst day than Uther was on his best.

So Gwen goes along with it at first and then she kinda liked where this was heading and then there really wasn't one good reason why she shouldn't fall in love with Arthur. Except she never truly did. Not in any way that defines a lover. That doesn't make their relationship any less real, just much more flawed and I always like that on my TV.

One day I might make that dark, fucked-up video. 'Fucking Boyfriend' is not about that analysis or with any deeper meaning beyond, 'Way to take the fucking highroad, Arthur.'


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