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I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas and is enjoying the holidays. I had a lot of fun with my family and the food was delicious, so I'm currently chilling out on the couch and I'm slightly bored. Therefore meme stolen from [ profile] lady_eilthana:

001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:
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002 | send me a ship and I will tell you:
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003 | Give me a character & I will tell you:
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German Update, sorry about that. Seit ich meinen Kindle zum Geburtstag bekommen habe, lese ich fast alle Fics darauf, insbesonders längere, somit bin ich ein großer Fan des mobi-formats geworden. Weshalb ich jetzt alle meine Fanfics entsprechend formatiert habe und als zusätzliche Download-Option auf meiner Seite anbiete, einfach mit 'Ziel speichern unter...' speichern und dann auf den e-reader übertragen. Falls jemand tatsächlich alle meine beendeten Fics in einem gezippten Ordner haben will, hier klicken.
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Artist/Song Title: Lamb - Butterfly Effect
Subject: The X Files, Scully PoV, Scully/Mulder, Vid-Challenge Season5 + Fight the Future: Recovery
Summary: 'And we'll take a trip to hell exponentially.' We just had a near-life experience! (Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club)
Length: 03:41 | Size: 47 MB | Format: 720x400 - AVI - zip
Links: mediafire, permanent link

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Artist/Song Title: The Bird and The Bee - Fucking Boyfriend
Subject: Merlin, Gwen PoV, Gwen/Arthur
Summary: 'Are you an amateur or is it you're unkind?' They dream in courtship, but would wake in wedlock. Or why you shouldn't skip the boyfriend part before marrying a girl. It could leave her with the slight impression that she is your beard.
Length: 02:23 | Size: 40 MB | Format: 720x400 - AVI - zip
Links: mediafire, permanent link

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My first tutorial on post-processing with Avisynth is almost four years old and while a lot of stuff still holds true, I think it is time for an update on some things.  )
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Artist/Song Title: K's Choice - Virgin State of Mind
Subject: The X Files, Scully PoV, Vid-Challenge Season4: Mortality
Summary: 'Got a knife to disengage the voids that I can't bear - ' Death is the tyrant of the imagination.
Length: 03:13 | Size: 40 MB | Format: 720x400 - AVI - zip
Links: mediafire, permanent link

Again the delay is all my fault, Xandra was finished what feels like months ago and I was derailed by my vidding interview over at [ profile] vid_commentary. And then I felt the need to hide from Xandra while vidding, because I knew she wouldn't approve of where I was going with this idea and I'm fragile while I vid. Heh. Plus the whole thing was off, till yesterday when the draft suddenly clicked into place after much moving stuff around. So this isn't really a season overview as much as a examination of Scully's state of mind. And for the first time I didn't use all eps, so this vid made me dare Xandra to a Season4 remix challenge, because damn, I missed out on the fun and ass-kicking. Strangely she didn't give me an answer right away.
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I am part of this year's round of vidding interviews over at [ profile] vid_commentary and I did manage to write 11k words on vidding, because obviously I'm a sucker for punishment details. So anyone interested in reading up on my whole vidding history and tech can do it here.
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There are still people out there, who are very intimidated by avisynth and how to use it to prepare their sources. So I compiled example scripts and tried to break the necessary steps down into easy to follow instructions. Everything is better and more detailed explained in this part of the A&E's guide - The 'A&E's technical guide to All Things Audio and Video' contains a lot of information and is maybe overwhelming, if you just start out with Avisynth and don't feel so confident. But you should follow it step for step while installing the software you need, which is compiled here in AMVapp.

Using Avisynth to prepare your source with example scripts )
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Day 30 – Do you have a favorite vid you've made? What makes it your favorite? And don't forget to give us a link!

Clear the Area, My Skin and To be a Ghost are my favorites and I won't chose between them. These are my carefully crafted character love letters, unashamed and self-indulgent. This is a look into how my brain works and connects things. This is why I love Scully, Cordelia and Dean spelled out in pretty pictures and fast cuts. These are the reasons why I adore them, why I am moved by their arcs and how they did win my heart. Besides I had so much fun making them, even when I stumbled into a block or some crazy bullshit.

So I hope I didn't bore everybody on my flist to tears with this meme. It was cool to think about this stuff and for once write it down.



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