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Vids I made in 2011

January: Deadwood Jane/Joanie- Angels would fall
February: BtVS Willow/Spike- Dizzy, BtVS Willow/Xander- Broken, AtS Lilah/Angel - Wild (Remaster)
June: Multifandom with Xandra Incest - Those Days, Multifandom with Xandra Apocalypse - How far we've come, AtS Wesley - Shades of Grey (Remaster)
July: BtVS Drusilla/Spike - Thought that you would be, Better off Ted Ted/Veronica - All Star
August: TXF Scully/Mulder - Matches to Paper Dolls, TXF Scully S1 - Metal Heart
September: TXF Scully S2 - 2-1, TXF Mulder S3 - He lied about death
October: TXF Scully S4 - Virgin State of Mind
December: Merlin Gwen/Arthur - Fucking Boyfriend, TXF Scully S5 - Butterfly Effect

I never done so many vids before with the possible exception of the year I started out. 16 is insane for me, but I have to point out that the remasteres were started long before this year came around and so was 'Those Days'. This adds several vids to this year by posting date alone.

My favourite video this year:

For different reasons: 'How far we've come' - The vidding process lasted three days and Xandra didn't even need to push me to speed up. We really clicked together for this vid to the point that we shared a brain. 'Matches to Paper Dolls' was soaked through with the nostalgic feeling of, 'Hi there, love, I missed you, Scully.' And 'Butterfly Effect' felt similar effortless in the way the vid came together.

My least favourite:

'He lied about Death' - Xandra threw me for a loop, when she snatched my precious Scully away from me for Season 3 - the one season I had a song before I finished the season before. This vid was really weird, because my eyes kept focusing on Scully while scanning through the source and going, 'Oh, this would be perfect - for that OTHER vid I'm currently not making.' Followed by a heartfelt head desk. Xandra actually explained to me, why I was so troubled by Mulder. Because obviously I only connect to him through Scully.

Most successful video:

By comment count 'Matches to Paper Dolls', which isn't surprising. Dessa makes music that is perfect for vidding.

Most fun video to make:

I was all about the fun this year. No excuse. I paddled in the shallow end of the pool with reckless abandonment. This question becomes hard to pin down, because I tried out a lot of crazy stuff this year and Xandra dared me to half of my vids anyways. But I think 'How far we've come' stands out with the shire mind melt that was going on between Xandra and I. I loved that 'Dizzy' gave me a solid framework and I only had to fill in the gaps and my style, while remixing it for Xandra.

Video with single sexiest moment:

I just wanna throw 'Those days' up in the air. Heh. But I'm not really a vidder that has sexy in her repertoire and this year didn't change that fact.

Biggest vid fail:

Actually last year's biggest vid fail, but since I posted it 2011 I'll count it here. The project file for 'Shades of Grey' became corrupted with three quarters of the timeline done. I had to start over, because I tend to forget that the first lesson of vidding is backing shit up and not keeping your project folder neat. Deleting the autosave-files is never a good idea. But at least I had the final encode and could construct the vid frame by frame half a year later - because I was frustrated by my fail.

Hardest video to make:

'Those Days' was the longest in the making. Two years on the backburner, because I couldn't get my act together - not even for Xandra.

Most unintentionally telling video:

I have to credit [ profile] giandujakiss for linking to all these interesting articles and meta comments on gender-fail in the media and feminism. Reading these certainly made me think and changed my viewpoint on certain aspects of shows, movies and fandoms. I'm pretty convinced I wouldn't have bothered to vid 'Fucking Boyfriend' two years ago. Merlin is my happy, silly slash fandom on LJ and I never encountered a critique of Gwen here that didn't involved blaming the writers for reducing her to almost nothing besides being a love interest for Arthur. So why bother to dissect a het relationship and a character that is clearly not high on the writers agenda? The answer after three weeks on tumblr was, why the fuck not give Gwen a voice.

The things I've learnt this year:

Getting to the cut more directly - it's a time saver to not overthink the editing. Time-remapping as explained by [ profile] fan_eunice in the Vid Pub and talking to other vidders and reading their thoughts did lead to some discoveries about myself and my style.

Things to work on in 2012

I don't have resolutions, just keeping up having fun with vidding.

Vid projects I definitely want to get finished this year:

The 'One vid per season'-challange with Xandra, some more collaborations with her and lots of crazy challenges. I look forward to what we'll come up next.


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